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The start of the universe

     Many people wonder - how did the universe begin? What was before the "Big Bang"? These are all valid and important questions to ask - no textbook covers what truly happened.

     It all began with the World Seed. This was a very large, multilayered onion-shaped plasma that was at extreme temperatures of approximately 1010 Kelvin. Due to the extreme heat of this plasma, it had a lot of kinetic energy and wanted to spread out into the cooler empty space of the universe. As such, the universe began expanding. As the plasma expanded more, the rate of expansion decreased.

     Eventually, after a few million years, the plasma cooled down enough to allow actual particles to emerge and exist for long periods of time. The very first particles to emerge were photons - all of these were gamma ray photons, and had extremely high energy. After the universe had cooled down a bit more, a few hundred thousand years later, the first subquarks began appearing. These are known as 'onion quarks' and are responsible for the composition of every particle with a mass (every non photon particle) in the universe.

     These onion subquarks have a very small mass - although it has not been directly measured, physicists estimate it to be approximately 10-30 kg. There are two types of onion subquarks - the "Spring Onion" and the "Fall Onion". The Spring Onion subquarks have more energy on average than the Fall Onion quarks. These two types both have three flavours of subquarks which they can take on - the "raw", the "cooked", and the "roasted". (The anti-onion particles such as anti-raw do, of course, also exist). Different combinations of these flavours give rise to the different non-onion quark colours and types. Since the Spring Onions have more energy than the Fall Onions, they are responsible for making up all the up and down quarks, as well as a some of the strange and charm. The strange and charm quarks are made up of a mix of both Spring Onions and Fall Onions, which gives them the medium level of energy. The truth and beauty quarks are made up of only Fall Onions, which is only logical seeing as Fall Onions are the most aesthetically pleasing onions.

     The rules for combining subquarks to make quarks are quite easy - the flavours simply need to combine to be delicious. I know you may be thinking "but surely all onions are delicious?", which is a very good point. However, if you think about it a bit more, you would realize that raw onions and cooked onions together would not taste as well as eating them separately. As such, if you simply keep that in mind, you can create every type of quark from the subquark combinations. For example, the Raw Spring Onions will combine to form a Blue Up Quark, which can then be combined with the Red Up Quark and Green Down Quark to form a proton.

     Due to all the possible combinations, after these subquarks were formed, the universe as we know it began taking shape. The rate of expansion continued slowing down due to the lowered kinetic energies, and these subquarks were creating quarks, which were then combining to create protons, neutrons, electrons. These began combining to form isotopes, and due to the force of gravity, these isotopes began clumping together and forming small "shards", as they are known. These shards are were slightly curved (due to the initial onion shape of the World Seed), seeing as they were part of a large sphere [shown below].

     As such, due to this slight curvature, the gravitational force holding these shards together was not uniform - the edges were attracted to each other and causing the shards to deform. These began curling up and forming spheres - the large shards formed stars while the smaller shards formed comets and meteors. The reason for this is that the large shards had a large enough gravitational force that once the edges collided with one another, the pressure in the center of these was great enough to result in high enough temperatures for nuclear fusion to occur, which releases the energy that stars are so well known for.

     This is the general overview of the start of the universe.


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